5 Steps To Better Cash Flow

5 Steps To Better Cash Flow

To maintain a better cash flow, you need more than just strong revenue. Improve your small business cashflow by implementing five simple rules.

Need a hand managing cashflow? You’re not alone. The key is getting your invoicing right, by invoicing customers as soon as possible and using tools like Xero’s invoice reminders to move payments along.

How to manage a better cash flow?

There are a few other simple rules you can apply to manage your cashflow and get your invoices paid even faster:

1. Keep your books accurate and up to date - so you can see your financial state at a glance.

2. Don’t be too lenient with your customers - you can be direct and still polite. Keep a close watch on your accounts receivable turnover at all times and act sooner rather than later.

3. Keep your accounting simple - so you have a good handle on these business metrics. We can help with this.

4. Keep your business and your professional finances separate - this is essential to understanding your true cashflow position. Mixing your business and personal finances can leave you uncertain about business performance.

5. Build a cash reserve - so you are prepared for unexpected events and can take advantage of opportunities when they pop up.

First you want to get your invoicing right. Get into a habit of sending invoices quickly. Then follow the steps above to collect revenue and keep your finances organised.

Get in touch for guidance on your invoicing and business cashflow.

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