Your December quarterly superannuation guarantee contribution is due soon

Your December quarterly superannuation guarantee contribution is due soon

Prepare now for your quarterly superannuation guarantee contribution lodgement and payment.

Things to review before finalising the quarterly superannuation guarantee contribution lodgement:

- Have you allocated all payroll related bank transactions to the correct accounts?

- Have you checked for errors such as duplicate pay runs?

- Have you checked that all payroll categories used this quarter have had super correctly applied or excluded?

- Have you checked superannuation accrual reports for accuracy?

- Do you have any salary sacrifice amounts to include?

- Have you had to make any termination payments this quarter? If so, check which payroll categories should have super calculated or exempted.

- Do you have complete and up-to-date contact details and a super choice form for all employees?

- If new employees have not provided super choice details, have you checked with the ATO for stapled super fund details you can pay into?

Most superannuation clearing houses (including SuperStream compliant software companies) require payment by the 14th of the month in order to distribute the funds to the relevant super funds for each employee.

If you use the ATO Small business Clearing House (SBSCH) you have until the 28th to lodge and pay.

Checking the figures thoroughly each quarter ensures that you report and pay accurate amounts for each employee. You will also have a more accurate picture of your superannuation liability and be able to plan accordingly.

Penalties for late super can be severe. Superannuation calculations can be difficult if your payroll software is not set-up for correct accruals of superannuation guarantee.

Talk to us re: your quarterly superannuation guarantee contribution

We can help you review of your super set-up and the SG accounts used in your accounting software. Feel free to reach out today!

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