Know More About Acro Accounting & Financial Planning

Why should a customer hire us over another service provider?

At Acro, we take a lot of pride in our services and always exceed our clients' expectations. Our team are prompt, reliable and trust worthy. We take our clients seriously and take our clients matters like our own. For over 15 years, Acro has been providing high quality accounting & financial planning services.

What experience, skills, qualifications or training do we have to make us the right person for the job?

Our team at Acro are highly experienced in Accounting & Taxation matters. Our highly qualified staff have all the requisite qualifications and training to take on any Accounting, Bookkeeping, Taxation, Business Advisory and Financial Planning services for clients.

Is there a particular aspect of our trade or industry that we specialise in?

At Acro, we aspire to become conversant with all types of businesses. Our particular clients interests, however is in the building and medical industries.

How do we normally charge for our service?

Our fee are mainly based "hourly rate" depending on the type of engagement. However, due to our experience with various businesses and industries we can provide an upfront or fixed fee for our services.

What makes our pricing competitive?

At Acro, our Accountants are very experienced and we deal with various types of clients. We employ the latest technology in our business and have a motto "work smarter" hence we can be very competitive on our pricing.

Are there any special offers we would like to offer?

We would like to offer all potential clients free initial appointment. In this appointment, we can review your entity structure for asset protection and tax planning purposes. Our sister company Acro Wealth Management can offer free tips on financial planning and investments.

How can a customer save money before we start the work? Please provide 3 tips.
  • Take advantage of our free initial appointment to discuss your specific needs
  • Always have your bookkeeping in order - if you are not, don't worry we can HELP.
  • Be organised - again, if you are not then can always HELP you.
What are the typical things that we need to know before we can provide a quote to a customer?
  • Type of Business
  • Software used
  • Entity Structure
  • Status of your Books
  • Years in Operation
  • What is your main reason to use this chanel?
  • Are you price focused or require great service?
Are we an insured business and do we guarantee our work?

We have professional indemnity insurance in our practice for the engagement we undertake for our clients. At Acro, we guarantee our quality of service with every client interaction and engagement.

What makes us the most reliable and trustworthy person for the job?

It is our culture at Acro to take clients' matters seriously. We pride ourselves in being most reliable & trustworthy to clients at all times. At Acro, our clients don't chase us, we always follow up with our clients.

What questions do customers commonly ask and how would we answer them?

We believe it's always the price. We would respond by knowing the scope of work required to provide an accurate and realistic quote for the particular service requirement.

What questions should a customer ask to hire the right service professional?
  • What are your experience for the type of business I operate?
  • Which accounting professional body do you belong to?
  • Do you have the requisite skills to complete our job?
  • What is your professional fee for the service required?
What do we like most about our job?

We love helping clients towards achieving their financial goals and to keep their taxation obligations with ATO in perspective. We love giving advice.

Do we have a favourite customer story we would like to share?

At Acro, we have many interesting client stories but the most remarkable one is the story of "Client A". He was once struggling to pay for his petrol expenses but we were able to restructure his business, keep his house and get him back into business. Client A is forever loyal to our practice.

How did we decide to get into our line of work?

Accounting has always been part of our Director's family business and he is proud to have chosen this awesome and amazing profession.